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Chance to keep global warming to 'safe' levels is slipping away

IMG_1188 The latest report from the IEA is not good news: despite the economic downturn, carbon emissions rose so sharply in 2010, on this trajectory it will be impossible to keep temperature rises to "safe" levels of 2 degrees C.

There are two major reasons for this. The first is that we have not transitioned sufficiently to renewables and nuclear for electricity generation, meaning fossil fuel power stations are locked in to the productive grid for the forseeable future. The second is we have not capped developing countries' emissions while buying ever more of their exports.

Unless these issues are addressed very quickly and effectively, there is a 50% chance of temperatures rising by 4 degrees C by 2100 - and that will mark the start of mass extinction events, including of the human species.

Is it now time to begin seriously asking the question, is this the playing out of a collective death wish?