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Drombeg stone circle, Co. Cork, Ireland, August 2012

Ireland 2012 010Drombeg stone circle is nestled on a steep slope overlooking the sea on Ireland's most south-westerly tip - the last bit of land before the vast swell of the Atlantic takes over.  The landscape is gentle, rainy and lush - in early August the hedges were full of scarlet fuschia, complemented by orange, purples and whites from the stunning array of wild flowers that have so loved all the rain this year.  Ireland 2012 008


Also known as the Druid's Altar, the stone circle is precisely built to faciltate accurate astronomical observations throughout the year and thus correctly observe the calendar. 

                                It also seems to have been a site where feasting took place. Ireland 2012 015There is evidence for a water channel, an industrial-scale hearth and a stone lined pit - which could have been used for storing shellfish and boiling food. One can only imagine the gourmet delights: seafood, venison, wild herbs and fruit, clear spring water...


Ireland 2012 012The megaliths at Drombeg are beautifully worked and show all the signs of a culture deeply interested in the movements of the sun and moon, stars and planets, and the properties and qualities of natural and worked stone. Like a perfectly cut egg,  the recumbent stone is an extraordinary stone, aligned as it is on a notch on the horizon where the winter solstice sun sets each year and on the portal stones which mark the rising sun at midsummer.

Again, we can only wonder at the offerings made at this altar....

Ireland 2012 025


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